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10/16/2013 6:00:00 AM
COLUMN: If I were king...
Bob Weete
Bob Weete
Bob Weete

Well, I was half-way through with my column for this week, and then I watched Huckabee on television. The program was about totally ridiculous situations involving children who have been suspended from school for a period of time under "no tolerance" rules at various schools across the country.

We really need to be aware of these and other "transformations" being made that truly are pretty far out and are actually destroying what used to be a country of guaranteed freedoms. Most of you have, I hope, heard about the child who was suspended for eating his tart into the form of a gun. There is another one dealing with a child who, lifting his thumb, and pointing his index finger while curling the other fingers in. He then, like we have all done, pretended to "shoot" it as a gun. A girl got in trouble with a "bubble gun" for crying out loud. This in America!

They were suspended. Others, in middle school, were suspended from school for wearing T-shirts that had NRA on them. SUSPENDED. And I guess the students with other T-shirts with the F word on them or some other "questionable" expression of freedom of speech, were okay.

What is happening to our society? Are we all drinking the infamous "Kool-Aid" that makes us crazy and takes away our common sense?

"Oh," we say. "That is not happening in our schools." We don't have to be concerned about that kind of stuff here. Well, these types of things hadn't happened in those schools before, either.

Surely you have heard that the "regime" has really jumped into the government "closures" that are, in my thinking, anyway, designed to deliberately incite Americans. The parks are shut down. First, they closed the White House tours and upset quite a few people. Why? I don't know; they didn't do that the last time the government had to close down.

The furor has been even louder when veterans from WWII were denied entrance to the open-air memorial. Nobody is paid to run that, it's open for visiting any time of the day or night, but now they are paying guards to keep people from visiting this memorial. The guardrails cost somebody, were taken, and veterans have been threatened with arrest.

Another story on Huckabee involved a tour guide who was told that the people, some of whom were from foreign countries, were not to take any pictures of Yellowstone. They were ordered to get back on the bus and go back to their hotel, and stay there. They were not allowed to take pictures of Old Faithful, for crying out loud, which was within walking distance of their hotel.

Some of these people had spent quite a bit of money to get there from North Korea, Australia, and England.

Some vacation spots - hotels and restaurants on land leased from the government - were blocked off, and people were not allowed to go there. Managers and owners were forced to give refunds and of course the income was lost from restaurants and other vendors.

Various states have volunteered to pay for opening these parks, but "Big Brother" has stepped in and denied the offer. Thousands of dollars of revenue have been lost, not including the money potential visitors spent to get there.

There are many more stories of this "gestapo-like" behavior, as it was called, out there. The question is, "Why?"

Well, my guess is this, and I am certain many of you will say I've gone off the deep end, but with history being what it has been, we ought not to jump too quickly. If I were a person who wanted to bring down the greatest country in the world and to take control, I think I would fire people up into frenzy. I'd ram a very complex "health care" down their throats, I would re-teach the people away from being independent and make them dependent on "gifts" from the glorious government, and I would strike at the very core of their character, their traditions, their God, their Constitution.

I would get me at least one well-oiled American Communist, say, George Soros, to finance my elections and other of my needs.

Then, when people get frustrated enough, they, being Americans whose beginnings involved a revolution against a tyrannical king, would eventually say, "Stop!" That would then "require" me to declare martial law, "to protect our country" and that would be the end of America.

I would have already fooled enough people into thinking I am "on their side", and I would have millions of imported people from other countries to help, and millions of other people I have convinced that they need me and would be loyal to me.

By this time, I would already have key people situated in key places where I knew I could rely on their dedication to my plans and they knew they would be rewarded appropriately.

And the rest will be history.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Article comment by: @To Mr. Weete

Yes, there are all those "what ifs" you mention, which can be used to cover up for a lot of garbage. If you want to steer away from bad behavior, you CANNOT just run off a new "law". The most effective laws are from the Bible. You know, the infamous Ten Commandments. Why deliberately add another rule to follow. Allow God back into the classrooms, without complex "man rules" that, frankly, are a part of the government take-over plan. And as to Weete's "blaming the schools, the teachers", that's a doozy. A big one. Frankly, your government, your teacher unions are largely at fault for their focus on teacher salaries, rather than supporting children in the classrooms. ENCOURAGE children and parents to find a church and learn what it is like to love one another. Anyone planning to become a teacher MUST realize they, unless they plan on leaving the trenches and get into administration, where they are pretty far removed from where the real action is.

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

Households with weapons should keep them in a gun safe. Without a firing pin. The firing pins should also be lock in another box for safe keeping. If for self defense one weapon should be keep intact, and locked up while you are away from the house. When at home, and ready for bed then take your weapon out.

You can teach your children to be respectful of all life, and to cherish life. But as in real life you know that nobody is perfect. You can take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it.

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2013
Article comment by: To mr Weete

To mr Weete. You have a lot of examples here but without context in which they occurred. Did the kids have history of disciplinary issues at the schools. Did the schools have a dress code not allowing clothing with advertisements or words on them. Most schools are moving that direction to refocus everyone back on education. Was the finger gun kid playing a game or no verbally jesturing to another he was going to get him for something.
As frustrated as you may be with "Gestapo" like behavior trying to control schools and classrooms isn't it more infuriating that kids nowadays assault threaten bully and even kill because all around them that is all they see everyday. And you attack the schools, the people on the front lines so to speak who are doing their best to help these kids.

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2013
Article comment by: To mr Weete

Today in Nevada there was another school shooting. As extreme as no tolerance rule seem to some, somehow someone needs to teach kids just how serious and inexcusable using guns to resolve problems is. Kids today are emerged in gun violence from video games to tv shows to the daily news. It's a huge complex issue, but with the ultimate consequence. So when it comes to weapons in school or anything that can be perceived as threatening, it must be taken seriously, and zero tolerance is warranted. The days of kids will be kids is gone. It's unfortunate they can't learn these lessons at home, but there is no place for weapons, threatening behavior, or bullying in schools. And as for the NRA, they could care less about you, me, our kids, or the right to own a gun. All they care about is selling as many guns as possible without a care in the world how it may be used. It about money pure and simple for their biggest backers, the gun manufacturers. So innocent men women and children will continue to die needlessly until we begun to value life more than just a 5 day or 10 day waiting period to by a gun. It's a bad joke.

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@.....At el Pica. Did you even read the Article? This is from 2009, that it came out. When things like this come out. They throw a shiny object in front of you. Just like you said right now.

All I'm showing you you that, you are wrong. This is not for you to get all huffy and puffy. it's just for information purposes only. It is not to start a Revolution per say, but to inform you that your Messiah is not perfect.

So with that report by the Administration about Domestic terrorism. "Napolitano stands by controversial report.". It's OK to say Domestic Terrorism when it involves The Christian Faith or Veterans. But it is totally wrong to say Muslims Terrorism?

I bet even when they are loading you on that fema bus, to take to the fema camps you will still be in denial. lol sorry i could not resist it.

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@....To el Pica. You yourself said it better. We chose to believe, what we want. So now that does not work here, because it relates to Bush? You can't have both ways.

If I see something wrong on the Right, I do not deny it. But you refuse to see, or acknowledge the problem. So we are at an impasse, at this time. Since it appears that we both are beating a dead horse over and over again.

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2013
Article comment by: At el Pica

Sorry el pica but when I hear people claim that the president or the democrats or republicans for that matter are waging war against Christians, Veterans, or any part of America I find it inflammatory and counter productive. There will always be disagreements, but when religion or highly emotional topics like veteran welfare are used by people to manipulate the masses by playing to anger, hate, fear.... rational constructive dialog becomes impossible. Worse, these issues become nothing more than tools to distract attention away from the really urgent issues of our time. Everyone is so focused on what the stock markets do today, or what tragedy or percieved injustice is happening right now to some group or another that no one is looking at what to do regarding the global scale issues we will be confronting in the near future. And by the time they do get focused on the long term large scale issues that are coming, it may be too late.

Posted: Sunday, October 20, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

I know most think I'm crazy, paranoid, and everything is a lie. About Obama's war on Christians, and Veterans. Well Google this below.

"Napolitano stands by controversial report." There is a link there so you can read the report yourself.

Also google this. DHS war on Evangelical Christians, and war veterans. There also, you will find many places that reported, and wrote about this.

Posted: Sunday, October 20, 2013
Article comment by: To el Pica

Democrats never would have voted yes if the intelligence hadnt been cherry picked and filtered before hand to present a false image of the actual state of things. There were no weapons of mass destruction. No mobile chemical weapons facilities. And there was no al queda in Iraq. There was clear intelligence to show that, but bush laid down the gauntlet and said to the world your either with us or against us. It was so convincing so absolute, I believed it too. It was all a lie, and the price for that collausal screw up will be paid by all of us for years to come. Yet conservatives and republicans now threaten our country with political blackmail every opportunity they get. Obama isn't god or that great for that matter but. Republican anarchists seize every opportunity to tear him down even if it means Americans may be harmed in the process. It's driven by pure hatred. I pray it fails and one day we see republicans like Ike or lincoln return.

Posted: Sunday, October 20, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@....To el Pica. I never said who was better. Both parties lack much, the Left, well they lie a lot more. Bush never would have gone to war if the Democrats, had voted NO.

The Right is not much better, at least they are upfront with their hate as the Left say's of gays, gay marriage, abortions, anti-American Muslims, anti-Gun Laws, Obama-care, women, and Granny. Plus much more too many to name.

But what I do disagree with is people saying Obama is the next best thing to God. i tend to point his lies, and mistakes. People say it's not true, he has never done anything wrong.

So in the what you say applies to both parties even if you disagree. So who is being upfront about? Obama? They had to ask him up-front about the killing of American, Killing the sons with the father because he is just collateral damage. I guess just like Trayvon Martin was to society.

Posted: Saturday, October 19, 2013
Article comment by: To el Pica

If what you say is true at least he's being upfront and honest about it, a supposed republican traight. In the end I hope calmer heads prevail. But I just can't imagine ever trusting republicans ever again as the have left us embroiled in war and failing economies time and again. Their own record on civil liberties and equality are also fairly atrocious, just look at what happens every election in all those red states.
So for the time being I'll have to disagree with you, in general.

Posted: Saturday, October 19, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@.... I drove By a... Read this Article it has a lot of dates, and references. "A Short History Of Liberals using The Nazi Card". As you will see that both parties can be Blamed for this.

Posted: Saturday, October 19, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@.... At el Pica. Yes you are right, about what people chose to believe. Bush, and most of the Democrats chose to believe the load of lies that were fed to them. I believe that they choose to believe those lies because of 911. So someone had to pay. Many people wanted payback, and by popular demand we went to war. You need to two Tango, and the whole congress for war. Was it right No?

Reagan, on the Iran- Contra. He was their puppet, his mind was going. Those people should have gone to jail.

Look at Obama now he made it so that Americans living here in America can be held indefinitely circumventing The Constitution. He now also has the power now to order an American killed here in America. When his office was asked about that, they said he would never used those powers. There is a lot more out there, look it up, not just from one source.

Now Obama can lie to you, or lock you up indefinitely, and if that does not work he can order you to be killed. Yes he is the best President. What's next removing term limits? Yes I just had to throw that in.

Yes I do believe you on some stuff, so you are also right on those things, But from what you say it can be held against both parties. Maybe because you mostly speak in generic terms, as to be sort of neutral as to not make anyone angry.

Posted: Saturday, October 19, 2013
Article comment by: I drove By a...

el pica.... I didn't stop to talk because the posters they put up were frightening. Who in their right minds think that it is ok to start a discussion by drawing comparisons of our first black president to Hitler, the greatest evil of modern times. There is no rational discussion to be had with people if that is how they truely feel.
Plus this is how the nazi party gained.. Catering to and fueling the disillusioned with lies and distirtions of the truth. Created clubs which became gangs that went out in the night to attack their opponents. There meetings and demonstrations were both recruiting events and intelligence gathering to identify non believers. It started small. is this what we are now beginning to see again.
I've had family members in my past who've had death threats, property damaged, car paint keyed, tires slashed, red paint poured doorsteps .... all because of their public positions. I don't want my children to be exposed to that.
I wonder if discussing anything with these people would actually do any good, or would it just feed the fire by giving then some sort of feeling of relevance.

Posted: Saturday, October 19, 2013
Article comment by: At el Pica

El pica. Please read the book. Truth is what people choose to believe based on their experiences, beliefs, and who they choose to listen to. When right or left pundits get radio or tv shows and speek the same thing over and over again, day after day, week after week, the truth is lost. It is usually never as simple as they say, but the have talent for simplifying it and delivering in a manner that sells air time and pays them big bucks. Which makes it very easy for them to believe in what they are saying, their profiting from it. In a country that values free speech, anyone can say just about anything and if the have a tv or radio show people think it must be the truth cause it's on tv or the radio or the Internet. Life is complicated. Anyone who is trying to convince you of one thing or another that leaves you angry, dig deeper for the truth.
As for the right wing being upfront.. Was Reagan upfront about Iran/contra, covert war in central America, the failure of trickle down economics, .... Was bush senior upfront about his relations with the Saudis, was he upfront about taxes (read my lips...), ... Was Bush junior upfront about the iraq war, his relations with the Saudis, where were those WMD, better yet where we're the Americans after we all realized we were lied to and misled intentionally into a war that cost thousands of american soldiers lives, hundreds of thousands of iraqis, and destabilized the entire middle east. Collin Powell was wrong when he told bush you break it you own it. We the American people have owned it and we are still paying for it. But you won't hear any republican or right wing news media rant day after day about these things. But you will hear them attack the first black president like no other president before him claiming all sorts of garbage even as far as comparing him to the likes of hitler. The Republican party is lost.

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