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9/25/2012 5:00:00 PM
COLUMN: Fair share? Bull!
Bob Weete

"Fair share" is simply one of the liberal slogans designed to bring revolution to the United States of America. It elicits an emotional response, it implies we're all victims of the rich, it creates resentment, fosters feelings of entitlement, and probably a whole bunch of other things I can't even begin to list. "Divide and conquer" is not simply a maxim; it comes from a history of experience since Biblical times. It works.

Actually, it is a pretty smart move to accomplish their goals. The purpose is clearly to divide this country so we become a desperate, clamoring mass of angry people who will blindly accept socialism so we will be "equal" to the rich. (That includes, by the way, the likes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, et. al.)

I do not want to be equal to any of those vile people! I am who I was supposed to be, warts and all. Oh, yes, I sometimes "wish" for things. The child is still in me sometimes. But then I realize that if I just Stop, Look, and Listen, I can see that I already have been blessed with much more than money and power would give me. And, as I look at the people of many other nations around the world, I should be ashamed to whine about my own plight.

The "easy life" has to be earned for us to really enjoy it. It never stops. When, like children, we allow our human emotions to take charge, we will never, never achieve our goal. Why? Because there will always be something we "don't have", and we won't be "happy" until we get it.

We will always be dissatisfied; we will always be "victims" - if we fall for this "fair share" bologna. It's a never-ending emotional grab that, frankly, Satan smiles from horn to horn when he sees us succumbing to it.

America is now, as has been stated, at a crossroads. We can continue to give in to the "promise" of the liberal life-style with "Just do it" as their motivation in decision-making. Giving in sounds like the easy way to equality. That is, if our emotions prevent us from actually thinking about the consequences down the road.

As Scarlett O'Hara said, "I'll think about that tomorrow." Tomorrow will be too late. We will then have exactly the situation that our founders were leaving behind when they left their lives in Europe.

Our founders had hope - real hope. They placed their hope in the right place. With that inspiration they created by perseverance they created a new country showing that with dedication, with hard work, and with their faith in God, they each had equal opportunity to achieve their own dreams.

Naturally, there would be mountains to climb, pits to be avoided, but these valleys would be their schools of learning in order to rise again, using the same determination to overcome each barrier.

This land is not perfect; neither are its people. But, it's time we stopped being children, being led by the nose, to demand that we are "entitled" to all things in order to be "equal" and to have our "fair share".

Our fair share of happiness is a reachable goal. And, believe it or not, envy, jealousy, and hate do not lead to happiness. They simply breed more envy, jealousy, and hate. A fair share of love, respect, and acceptance in all our lives would be much more productive in the long run.

How are "promises" working out for you so far? I mean, really. As far as I can see, we are just getting a whole bunch of new "promises". And few, if any, concrete results to be expected. Check it out. Use the brain. It's not really that difficult to reason it out.

On the other hand, we can support the basic concepts that brought this country to the pinnacle of success. Contrary to the claim that "We have always paid our fair share", the real standard by which America has prospered is, "We earn our fair share."

Guess what happens. When we are all working and earning, we are paying taxes, and we are then paying our fair share. When we are motivated to improve our standards and the standards of our children, the earning increases. And, strangely, so do our tax payments, proportionately.

I believe that mankind was created to work. To work at whatever skills we were given. We are not created to all have the same skills, yet all skills are needed to create America and keep it going.

When socialism rules, the opportunities for advancement plummet. The motivation plummets. The people become the leaden-eyed; the vision of honest hope dead. If we give in to the State, we are putting ourselves and our loved ones at risk. People then turn to terrible things to "feel good" about themselves and another human being is lost.

Our happiness is achieved in direct proportion to the amount of honest work we do to achieve it.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: Crazy Town

@My share

Really the polls have Romney leading? Which ones? Fox news has him losing by around 5 pts., and I'm being conservative (heh heh) in that figure. His camp says it's even, so I'm not sure you are well informed.

What moochers are you referring to? The retired or disabled vets maybe? Or, I know, mentally disabled people and retired teachers? (deleted)

Every comment after that, I totally agree with.


Site Administrator's note: A portion of this comment has been removed because it violated our Terms of use Agreement. Personal attacks are not tolerated, and are a direct violation of these Terms of Use.

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: More Bull

@hypo crite
I can't believe your ease at throwing the word "hate" around. I can't believe that Weete "hates" anyone, including Obama. He has never met him, so how is that possible? I submite that what he does not like is Obama's policies and/or actions. Read and understand. The hate you talk about is actually in YOUR heart, not Weete's. And this is exactly what he is talking about. The policies and statements and practices of the President and his colleagues like for us to hate one side or the either. They can survive only if they can foster enough dissension and malaise between races, between sexes, between Democrats and Republicans, between the rich and poor, between believers and atheists/others, et.al. If everybody is against some group, they all get depressed and they are apt to vote for anything that even says "hope", even though the hope that was already pandered has been a lie. Consequently, the people are even more discouraged, and more easily conned into following the liberal, disastrous, and America-killing policy. Obama the person, the black President has nothing to do with it.

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: explain socialism

I do not understand Romney's plan for healthcare. He said just a day or so ago that going to the emergency room without insurance for a heart attack was okay with him. but a couple of years ago he said that people who use the emergency room without having insurance were just using the rest of us to pay for it and that is socialism. he says that no one should be a free loader by not paying into the system but that requiring people to join the system is unconstitutional but how do you get people topay before they get sick if it is voluntary and do you check their papers to see if they could and did pay into the system before you begin cpr? weete needs to unravel this for us because i feel a heart attack coming on and the e r might be the only place that can't turn me away... yet.

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: why no romney

@hypocrite and @romney rules Weete won't mention Romney by name because he has become toxic. he thinks airplanes need windows that will let in fresh air and 47% of Americans are moochers he isplanning a tax cut for the haves and program reductions for the havenots and the removal of tax deductions for the ones in the middle. of the last two, he refuses to define which programs are gone, but medicare and medicaid and socail security are the big three so do the math. even the reduction of programs and tax benefits wont' pay for the tax cuts to the top 2%-- they will just pass it on down to the rest of us out of the goodness of their hearts. and he says teacher unions just put lots of money into candidates taht will do things their way-- unlike his big business donors who would never really expect him to make those tax cuts for them no matter the cost to the rest of the country. a $100M donation becomes a $1B (that 1000x 1M) profit under Romney/Ryan. when you already have several B's, a tenth of a B is a pretty good bet...

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: free speech

Number one: we all have the right to free speech. our constitution says so our president even said so to theUN that he defends our citizens right to demean him. so weete can't hurt his feelings Number two: it would seem that weete is actually an agent of the dems. he is highlighting the prejudice, fears, and resentment that some have denied really exists. well, he puts it right out there Number three: i am not rich by Romney's standards, but i am stillhis equal. my vote will count exactly as much as his will. and upon our deaths, what ever each of us has will be worth exactly the same to each of us, nada!

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: hope in god

typical. bring the bible and your version of god into the equation and there can be no denial that weete is the righteous one i have read alot in the bibleabout being one's brother's keeper and giving according to what you have received and taht the rich man who gives some is less generous tahn the widow who gives less, but all she has. That eye of the needle deal is about a gateway into the city that a beast of burden laden with goods won't fit thru until the rich man who owns it gives away his bounty-- kinda like a rich guy getting into heaven. how many of these rich donors millions will follow them into heaven?

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: bible thumper

Weete is quite the Christian. he knows who God loves and who he doesn't. he knows who divides and who is vile and who is worthy and who is godless. that 47% is hard to ignore-- all those non-tax payers getting away with what Weete can't. No doubt he doesn't qualify for the house mortgage deduction (house paid for), the child deduction (kids grown), earned income (retirement pay)-- all deductions I am sure he asked for when they did apply. America has not always protected all its citizens well, and I am sure Weete would say that's because they didn't deserve the same treatment as others. Lucky you that you had boots, the bootstraps of which you could pull yourself up by.

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: retired too

Teachers do not pay into Social Security from their paychecks if they hold other jobs during the summer or after hours or on weekends, or before or after their teaching career began or ended, then they earn the same Soc. Sec. benefits as others who pay into that system. Teachers pay into a State Teachers Retirement System that the District also contributes into for each teacher. This retirement pay is what teachers work for as an incentive to offset the lower salary that they will earn as teachers. You can go to the CalSTRS website and play with the numbers see how the math works for you.

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Article comment by: What a load of Bull-hypocrit

All those years you spent teaching, who determined what you earned? I it was the liberal, socialist teacher's union.

How do you get by these days financially? On your liberal, socialist social security entitlements?

Where does your health insurance come from? The liberal, socialist State that you abhor.

You're free to relinquish these entitlements at any time, Bob. Or perhaps donate your social security checks to charity?

Happiness is achieved in direct proportion to how lucky you were in the genetic lottery and how wealthy you family is. Get over yourself.

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Article comment by: My share

All the polls show that Romney is winning by a huge margin in the older white male dimagraghic. which proves who the real americans are. we unerstand the realtruth about waht is going on in this country and if all those moochers don't start working for their food and everything else we hve to give them they should just try going hungry like we did in the good old days when we lerned to apreceate the value of work.

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Article comment by: ROMNEY RULES

Weete won't say it, but I will! Romney had it so right. The best thing for this country was to have that video come out that says everything Weete believes in. Too bad the rest of the country doesn't get it and too bad that some of the Republicans are not men enough to do what Weete does and tell those freeloaders what a drain they are on the good people of this country. Voter suppression is what will save this country from the mongrels.

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Article comment by: takers and makers

REDISTRIBUTION!!!!! It is all about taking from all to give to some!!! Like for the food pantry and harmony kitchen and tithing to a church and paying taxes for those schools and roads and red lights at intersections!!! It is all a communist plot perpetrated on us, the innocent dupes!! I'll build my own road and educate my own children (if I had any) and I know when to stop for other cars (I don't need no stinkin' stop signs paid for out of my hard earned money. If everyone else just stayed out of our lives, Weete and I would get along just fine! We don't need no socialist gummit innerfearin' in our God-given freedoms!

Posted: Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Article comment by: hypo crite

Weete hates Obama, he hates having a black man in the white house. Okay, we get it. Why will you NEVER say the name ROMNEY!! You want us to fear but you give us NO incentive to go for YOUR GUY!

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