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3/23/2010 5:00:00 PM
GUEST EDITORIAL: Who's running the hospital?
by John Lemay-Humble

They have a new ER physician at Palo Verde Hospital: Dr. Kadakia, who sometimes goes by Dr. K. He is here to help improve the Emergency Department and comes with a great set of credentials; he's a UCLA graduate and has an unlimited source of energy.

They once had that same opportunity several years ago. Do any of you remember Dr. Adam Weissman? He also came to Palo Verde Hospital with top credentials, energy and great ideas.

Lets just hope Dr. Kadakia is allowed to stay so he can move forward with his ideas and plans to improve our service at Palo Verde Hospital's Emergency Department!

We have been waiting with bated breath for the day they are given the official notice that Palo Verde Hospital is designated as Critical Access.

There have been statements made by the hospital CEO, Peter Klune, that this designation could bestow monies in the millions upon us.

It was on July 16, 2009, that we received the announcement from Palo Verde Hospital that they have been fully accredited by JACHO (Joint Commission) and that they only needed a provider number from Medicare to start receiving their rewards of money.

Well, just less than three weeks later (Aug. 3 and 4 of 2009) the California Department of Public Health made a visit to Palo Verde Hospital.

Their news was not as good as JCAHO. I understand that there were many deficiencies that have to be corrected and Klune announced at a January 2010 District Board Meeting that they're still waiting for the official 2567 Deficiency Notice.

What did JACHO (Joint Commission) miss that the California Department of Public Health found as issues that need to be corrected?

In a conversation I had with Director Sandy Hudson, she indicated that it was the prior administration and Board's fault that they did not have their Critical Access Designation.

The question to this Board is, they are now close to one and a half years into a new Board - and multiple administrations - so where is the Critical Access Designation?

Some of you who have been to my Web site (http://ourpvh.com) may have noticed the accounts payable check registers for the hospital.

That of course has prompted many questions from the public like, "What is that check for?"

Well, I have been busy making California Public Record Act (CPRA) requests to the hospital for the supporting invoices and documents to those records you requested of me, which has not been taken well by Hudson!

I had a short conversation with her a few Fridays back in the hall at the hospital and she asked if I was getting everything I needed.

I replied I did not received all documents I have requested.

She said she was on her way to a private meeting and could not talk long.

As Dr. Ken Lucero came up, she directed him to the conference room across the street in the Professional building, then Dr. Hossain Sahlolbei came around the corner and she directed him also.

I asked her why there was not a requisition and purchase order to support $2,510 spent for the improvements to a house on the river rented by the District.

She said the process for requisitions and PO's was not properly in place because of the prior administration.

I replied I didn't think that was quite true as I have received many copies of requisitions and PO's in the past.

Bet you can't guess who approved the invoice to pay for the work on that river house with no requisition or purchase order; something that is required per hospital policy.

Previously, I had been getting my CPRA document requests completed within 10 days of submission, the amount of time required by law.

Now I guess, because of my conversation with Sandy Hudson, there's a new path that the administration has decided to follow and it can now take close to three weeks to get my documents.

This is known as the Board's new and improved transparency policy!

Remember when the new Board took control in 2008 and said they are going to be transparent?

I haven't heard or seen much of Jim Carney or Tim Maley lately? I wonder if they had any input?

So, be patient and I will get back to you or post your requests on my Web site as soon as I can get them.

If any of you have been by the hospital lately, you might have seen the ugly incomplete trip high walls that surround two planter boxes in front. One has a cap on the wall, the other not.

This I am told was a special project of Director Hudson, who was seen directing Hugh Barden out front one afternoon.

This was one of the topics that I did get to talk to Hudson about in the hall that Friday, and it appears Barden was volunteering or at least her comment was "he can volunteer can't he?"

I was also able to show her a copy of a CPRA request I had just picked up and it was a copy of a proposal to do the landscaping work out in front of the hospital for $6,700 dollars.

I asked if this individual was a licensed contractor and Hudson corrected my pronunciation of his name and said "of course."

I did check with the State of California Contractor Licensing Web site and his name did not appear as a licensed landscape contractor!

Well, its been almost a month and nothing has been touched! The planter boxes are dry dusty dirt with a few boulders and still one planter has no cap!

With all these important daily decisions that have to be made, I only see Director Sandy Hudson making them.

Carney and Maley seem to be absent from the scene?

I was going to report on the last Feb. 24, Heathcare District Board meeting except, as usual, it was a two-hour closed session for only two items and an Open Session with little to no comments or discussion by the Board members.

There was some stumbling by a board member or two on how to make a motion but they were able to pass 10 to 15 items in a record time of less than 40 minutes.

Sahlolbei had plenty to say though, especially about how he and Hudson have spent over 200 hours going over what the past administration and Board did wrong so they could correct things.

Director Francisco Tejeda was not present at this Board meeting and has not been seen at a Board meeting since September 2009.

In summary, I guess the point I am trying to make is this: it is not good policy to have a district board member who does not have the correct experience or credentials, to run the day to day operations of the hospital.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Article comment by: unknown unknown

Poor people of Blythe!!! Do you not know that Dr. (deleted) was brought in by Dr. (deleted) Dr. (deleted) has everyone in his pockets. The sooner you see that you may be able to SAVE your hospital. He and "his girlfriend" do no wrong... He is the "GOD" at PVH, and as far as I can see it, that is against our Commandments. He is Satan. After the people of Blythe smarten up and get rid of him and his Followers you can clean house at the hospital from Administration down, including the New DON who see fit to have more traveling nurses than local nurses. Nurses who make a living for their families in Blythe. Who have nowhere else to go. Who have struggled to get their Nursing Licenses and because of Location to large cities. I have moved on to another hospital, and have worked at many. This is the only place where they allow intimidation, corruption, lying, cheating and threats to prevail. This is the only hospital where Boyfriend and Girlfriend can work together and are allowed to cover for each other. It is Unethical to say the least. To all you good people of Blythe, God be with you to fight, fight for your hospital. You need it!!!

Site Administrator's note: A portion of this comment has been removed because it violated our Terms of use Agreement.

Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Article comment by: John Lemay-Humble

Let's Start Over,
You are so correct. One problem though. We need a few good citizens to step up and run for the Hospital Board. There should be three seats open this election. Hudson, Tejeda and Carlton.
Lets form a committee. Go to http://ourpvh.com click on 'Contact Us' and let me know if you are interested or have someone in mind. I will help!!

Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Article comment by: Let's Start Over

Fellow Blythians - we tried the latest batch and they are the same ole - corrupt, out for themselves. The PVHCD has the power to get rid of Schalopi, however, they have climbed down into his hole instead of pulling this community back from him. Yes Carney and Hudson and Tejeda all promised change - well this is not change. This corruption has been around since Dr Shloppy arrived (way tooooo many years). The informed community needs to get rid of this board if they are going to bow this the guy who has hate in his heart. If he was a true leader and if this board were truly leaders, they would have turned our hospital around by now. There has been plenty of time to hire a full staff, come into compliance, buy new equipment (for the patients - not for Carney/Hudson/Sahlobei). Do we really need to spell it out??? This community has to get rid of this Dr and his lynch mob (the board) - the best doctors around cannot practice medicine at PVH because of the EGO maniacs that run the place. Blythians need to TAKE THE POWER BACK AND VOTE THESE PEOPLE GONE.

Posted: Monday, April 12, 2010
Article comment by: just sad

I sit back and read all these blogs, these editorials about the hospital and think, why do all these politics involved with the hospital exist? Hospital nurses who are there for the "power" do you not remember the Nightengale pledge you all took and why you should have decided to become a nurse in the first place? Take it from an RN, I became a nurse to help others not be involved in politics such as the ones that revolve around the community. I have no words for some of these doctors who feel they can play puppetmaster and try (and sometimes succeed) at controlling others including nurses and patients. We do have some good doctors who truly care but it only takes one to ruin things for all. PVH should be dedicated to helping the sick, maybe you all should read your mission statement of the hospital once more and apply it to your practice. I'm glad I do not work for PVH is all I have to say in conclusion.

Posted: Thursday, April 8, 2010
Article comment by: RN RN

I think that is called "IN SIDER TRADING"
maybe she is friends with "Martha Stewart"...
Plus HOW do you think she gets her Plastic work done....

Devia..... I should say NOT....NO class at all...........her improvements are "shallow" to PVH............WE need new equipment and RN education.....The interim DON that was hired was hired under the "friendship of the Board" and pushed by Dr Sahlolbei....what credentials does she have WHAT has she done since she took the position other then to "JUMP" when being told....the board even counseled to hire a "consultant" to do her work.....
We have people choosing NON credentialed candidates for positions that are UN QUALIFIED..........when will it stop?...........has the new interim DON even sought to improve her education or help with the RN duties....NO...she was on Med/Surg and couldnt even handle her duties there????????????
and NOW we except her to lead our STAFF OF RN's

Come on People.... Sandy I want you to do your Colonscopy with our surgery unit and our equipment.....I want you to be subjected to what you except to be "OK" for other people of this community.
Put your lips where they should be for once in your dam life...."walk the walk" you TALK.......

Posted: Thursday, April 8, 2010
Article comment by: Ice Man

Haven't you all figured out what is going on yet? (deleted) needed to get Mrs. "Diva" Hudson out of his business. So, he sent her to ruin someone else's business. The communities business. The Hospital. Mrs. Hudson arranged for all kinds of work at the hospital, one of the seven houses "we" rent at the river, Chancelor Way, and the Golf Course condo's - all through her. As if she is the business manager - and without purchase orders. She hires only her friends and misrepresents their qualifications. One of "her boys" has so many Mechanics Liens and IRS Liens against him that she has her "main boy" (Peter Klune) write out checks to his employs so the "Liens" are not able to get any of the money. Quite transparent and ethical, isn't it. And, why would her boy do all of this (aka Peter Klune)?? Because he was hired less than a year ago for $250k a year on a two year contract. And now, in less than one year she has renegotiated Mr. Klune's contract TWO additional times. He now is paid an annual salary of $350k, $42k living expenses (remember the company paid houses - he lives in one of them) and a yearly bonus of $105k. In less than one year he has gone from $250k to $497k. This for all of his good work. WHAT WORK? Is their any expansion of services? NO. So, on what evaluatory system was he granted a 100% increase in less than a year? And how does one get a two year contract renegotiated twice in less than the first year? Whoever his business agent is ought to work in professional sports - he/she is good. Oh, wait a minute........now it all makes sense. Mrs. Hudson is his manager/agent. Wonder if she gets the usual 10% that most agents get? Or by giving him all the HUGE pay raises does she just get the opportunity to be the PRIME DIVA and run amok with our money. No wonder her (deleted) wanted her on the board. He couldn't afford for her to be involved in his business. Maybe, since he apparently knows how to get "dead wood" out of his business (i.e. getting his (deleted) elected to the board) we should hire him as the business manager.

Site Administrator's note: A portion of this comment has been removed because it violated our Terms of use Agreement.

Posted: Friday, April 2, 2010
Article comment by: Person oncerned

On Sterilization: last year the OR Director pointed out to the Ophthalmologist MD that "Flashing" his instruments was not allowed. He had been allowed to do this Flashing before with the current staff. So called Surgical Nurses and Surgical Tech which violated a Standard of Sterilization. The MD became loud and upset with this RN and went to the CEO to complain to his long time friend. The RN pulled Palo Verde's policy and it was not to be done. Other physicians got involved and pressured this RN and even called her on the job and literally screamed at her on the phone. She stood firm, she stated to the Eye Surgeon on the phone that the patient safety comes first and put in a request for more instruments for this surgeon. The CEO badgered her for weeks on this subject and she gave them detail research on this subject.http://ascrs.org/TASS/upload/TASS_guidelines-CBC.pdf. Along with a CDC MD report on the subject in which she participated in the research.
My point is there are and were very well skilled RN's in management but due to intimidation and pressure to save Time/Money in processes from the Medical Staff and Administration they have left our facility and we now have more problems then if they just let these people follow their Practice Standard. What is it with the Medical Staff and Admin that bullie and pressure people that know their job.
You know who suffers "we the People of Blythe" : We lost good safe nurses due to this outrageous behavior from our Medical Staff and Administration. I know of a nurse that even went to the board for help and not one came to her aid or even extend to try to help with regulatory standards being violated. I still wonder how they past JACHO....are there that many closest to hid things in that hospital or are the JACHO Inspectors that lax in their jobs due to the hot coffee and cakes they receive during inspection.....it is amazing what little distracts an inspector from their job.

Posted: Thursday, April 1, 2010
Article comment by: No name provided

To the Mole:
I do AGREE there are many of us that are frighten for our jobs due to Dr Sahlolhei and his threats and intimidation but if your his girlfriend or friend you are protected. His RN girlfriend eats at teh nursing station and plays games on her computer and when it comes to ownership of "doing wrong" she blames everyone but herself. She can do no harm while others who have committed the same mistakes have been "fired or let go"....we have to be above nice to her and watch what we say due to her bringing everything back to Dr Sahlolhei.....it is more then corrupt..it is hostile work place and has been since 2001.....Dr Sahlolhei even called his farmer guy to slaughter a goat during surgery because he was putting down an enemy...he stated he has his goats numbered according to his enemies names... go figure... the more I experience of him the more I wonder how he can still be here...

Posted: Thursday, April 1, 2010
Article comment by: John Lemay-Humble

The mole at PVH - Please email me I would like to discuss some of the issues you have brought forward.
I will of course keep it confidential.

Posted: Thursday, April 1, 2010
Article comment by: The mole at PVH

Itís a shame that a hospital as good as Palo Verde can look like itís the worst. The people here use to care about what was happening. No one use to talk about everyone else. The doctors were polite and east to talk to. All of a sudden new employees come in and thereís chaos around every corner. Itís everywhere the hospital is sinking it self, from the Emergency room down to the janitorial. We have accounts being written off without any kind of work being put into them, there are account that are discounted almost 80 percent, how can you run a legidament business if the money isnít there. All these so called experts bought in to turn things around and still nothing. Change only happens if you have the will power. Itís hard to be fair when the cons out way the pros. Thereís money being spent on less important things. You can plant roses and paint a beautiful mural on the wall, yes it will make the hospital more attractive, but then you walk thru the doors and you enter the land of chaos. I sit and watch it happen every single day. This doctor favors this person, this nurse does what she wants, when it all calms down we are right were we started. Money should be used to by new equipment and not to try to make PVH pretty on the outside. Iíve walked into hospitals less fortunate than Palo Verde and you would have thought the staff was paid with bricks of gold. They were courteous and pleasant. This hospital canít even terminate an employee the proper way. Thatís the latest rumor haunting the halls, but then again when you cross a member of the board she will do everything in her power to make you pay. It almost feels like a prison here, and the doctors and nurses are the gang members waiting for the opportunity to get one another alone and attack. Truth is fellow employees and community, this hospital is corrupt. Itís about whose favorite and whoís willing to kiss whose rear end. Case and point, Dr. Sahlolbei, he intimidates people, the man is 125 lbs soaking wet but his hostile attitude makes people feel intimidated. He has his favorites and he sweet talks them and gives them what they want so they follow him like sheep. You should hear how he talks to people that donít agree with him. Management turns there cheek and no one will stand up for them selves. The chaos isnít only in house either the corruption goes outside the doors. Everyone comments about the transfers, Blythe ambulance this, Desert Air that, if you read the article it says nothing about that. I think it took someone to rattle the cage for all the other drama to come out. You want to know why Medi-cal and No pays go to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas? Thatís because PVH sends them there because thatís the designated drop spot, thatís were PVH ďTHROWS THE TRASHĒ as they say. Why does Desert Air get so many transfers? Because they have a contract of first right of refusal, a contract which might I add does not and never did exist. Perhaps the board can see a copy I guarantee if you get one it was recently typed up because of all that has been said. Iíve been here to long to see people that I care about be forced out or leave because they canít stand to be here. Sartin has Dr. Strecker and the rest of the ER doctors in her pockets itís said to say that but its true. In fact Sartin is really good friends with Sandy Hudson who is on the Hospital board and who does not care much for Blythe Ambulance from what I hear. Does this make any since yet? So now you have other air companies flying in to take these patients because the local ďCritical CareĒ can only see dollar signs. I remember before Desert Air was even around I could count on one hand the number of patients that had to be flown out fixed wing in one month, now I need both hands and feet and a few more pairs to keep count. This place is a circus, and needs to be put in place. The board needs to run this and stop turning the blind eye. P.S buy a new Steris machine.

Posted: Thursday, April 1, 2010
Article comment by: No name provided

UCLA ER physician in BLYTHE, must be the money!
ER staff he will find is not up to PAR with their skills and do their own thing...below average. I am sure he will learn to jump when told. If he has high standards of practice, he will not be here long

Posted: Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Article comment by: No name provided

Noticed Mr. Humble's notation that the new ER Doc is a UCLA grad. Given the track record of another UCLAer currently filling the position of Chief of Staff, I can't say this makes me feel any better if I have to make a trip to the ER.

Posted: Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Article comment by: former PVH surgical Tech

this is why the last OR Manager resigned due to the lack of patient safety and failed equipment. I was there in a room with the CEO, interim DON(only OB experience), engineering staff memeber and Medical Staff(three surgeons) while they tried to strong arm her into agreeing that "Flashing" all equipment was ok. She stood firm with regulation. After that situation the CEO bullied her and held back her equipment and supply request for surgery until she finally left PVH. Seemes to me there is a pattern here of "patch jobs" lacking point eye views of "Patient safety". As for the autoclave seal blowing a seal, it is document that two other had been injured and the "seal" was not the problem with that equipment but other interior issues with the mechanical wear/tear and it needed to be replaced and PVH put it off as long as they could under the advisement of that last CEO..again being save money put off "Safety".

Posted: Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Article comment by: Sad departure

To the expert: My hearing is damaged due to a seal breaking on the autoclave in the central sterile room at PVH while I was standing less than a foot away. The expert in charge of equipment at PVH stated " well why were you standing so close to it anyway " knowing it had blown seals before and was not fixed. At one time I had such a passion for making PVH the best little hospital for the community. After spending my own money on improvements when administration and the medical team would not and being blown up by a used up autoclave after it had blown seals before. I finally came to the conclussion that the administration and the medical team did not care about quality, patient safety or employee safety. Now, I hear of the steris machine issue and in my heart I know PVH will not spend any money on patient safety issues unless they are forced to even though that steris machine may be spreading infection and Hep C to the community. With the Fat contracts being handed out you'd think money would be available for patient safety issues in that hospial.

Posted: Monday, March 29, 2010
Article comment by: No name provided

Speaking of recall, I think it is absurd that Mayor Joey DeConnick's wife runs two small businesses and pays (deleted) on those employees. Who wins in that situation? The employees? No! The community? No! The business owner gone Diva? Apparently so! This is just WRONG!!!

Site Administrator's note: A portion of this comment has been removed because it violated our Terms of use Agreement.

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