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6/26/2013 6:00:00 AM
COLUMN: Go away, PC
Bob Weete

Will Satan win? He's really serious, that old devil. He invented Political Correctness. And it is working, and he will succeed in destroying mankind. But only if we sit still, be very quiet, and let this society-engulfing acid do its work. Right before our eyes.

You realize, I assume, that mankind was created with free will. It would have been nice if we were "perfect", and there probably would not be the problems we have today. But at least we do have a free will, and that means we are free to choose any path that comes along. This means, of course, since nobody "made" us choose a particular path, the consequences of our choices - good or bad - belong to us, and us alone.

When we were young, our parents helped guide our choices, our friends, our activities, our responsibilities. That was their responsibility. We, of course, had choices; we could either choose to follow their advice, or do our own thing. If we were paying attention, we found that our parents' advice was at least well-intentioned. And we found there were reasons they did not want us playing with certain kids, they would not go certain places "everybody" was going, etc.

The idea was, that this whole concept of right and wrong, good and bad, would pass from generation to generation, and the new land, America, with its strong reliance on moral values, would prevail.

Unfortunately, greed, love of money and power, frequent tools of Satan, entered the picture, and slowly over-took values, and something akin to the kind of government that had developed in many other countries took hold and our relatively new republic began its own suicide. Now, that may seem preposterous for me to suggest, but I am afraid that is the direction we're heading.

The break-up of family unit is a major contributor. How many families do you personally know of that have had at least one divorce? How many have a single parent trying to maintain? How many men have forsaken their responsibility? The jerk who proudly brags he has 22 children by 14 different women? Think about the effect on the lives of those children, and their children, etc. for generations.

Is it any surprise that so many kids have difficulties when the responsible biological parents are without values, failing their children miserably?

Look at the practice of American government. At one time, being elected to a position of authority was a calling to service, like a pastor, a teacher, a doctor. It was not considered a life-time job to become the elitists that our forefathers ran from in the olden days.

Political Correctness has corrupted something that was once admirable, turning us into a nation of people who have been convinced that life somehow "owes" them, that they are "entitled" to all the good things in life. Quite a change from the time when one was ashamed to accept welfare, and would do anything to avoid it.

We were a nation of workers, people who valued earning one's own way, and that work ethic was passed from generation to generation. That didn't mean that we were to all be "equal" and should expect to have all the "things" that rich folks have.

We are nation of unhappy people who don't realize that being "free" does not mean that we should "just do it" without considering consequences and the reasons for it. We "deserve" what we choose to earn. Be happy with that.

Our country has recently been rocked by so-called "scandals." They are not simply scandals involving some errant Hollywood doll looking for publicity. These are very serious infractions of what used to be called ethics, honesty, integrity, and they are at the very core of our national character.

And the result? So far, just a bunch of moronic gobbledygook, of political baloney. Congressmen of both sides of the aisle, if they were true Americans and pledged to uphold the Constitution would join in stopping and these threats to our very lives as we have known it. Oh, wait a minute. They ARE already pledged in that way! Well, dang, that's strange, isn't it?

And, as most are aware, I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that politics is not our reason for being; it is not something we use manipulate, to outsmart, to "win" some stupid game. We must collect ourselves, and start looking beyond the moment, because every action we take, or every reasonable action we neglect to take could be the last choice we make to sustain the America we are all so blessed to have.

We need to remember the America that was showing all the other countries how freedom, real freedom, is seeded and harvested. We need to hearken back to our roots. We need to tell Satan to take a walk.

E pluribus Unum. (Google it.)

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Reader Comments

Posted: Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Article comment by: @Al- Koholic

And what does it mean?

Posted: Saturday, June 29, 2013
Article comment by: @Al co-Holic

Hey! You DID look it up - or did you already know?

Posted: Saturday, June 29, 2013
Article comment by: Al Co-Holik

E Pluribus Unum. Latin for "From many, One"!

Posted: Saturday, June 29, 2013
Article comment by: To do you feel it

I (Weete) am not going to bother exchanging "views" with someone who hasn't the integrity and courage to deal with even a modicum of transparency. Must be an Obama- loyalist. Talking where one is known and the other hiding is a waste of both our times.

Posted: Friday, June 28, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@ el pica dude. What I meant about Christianity in school is that they took away prayer or the right for a kid to have a bible. The teaching of Religion is for the Church, Religious Schools, and also at home.

Look at history was it not the Right (GOP) that champion the freedom for slaves? Yes we have come a long way. But if good morals and loving your country means to you chains, and segregation and lynching gays, then it's you that is stuck in the dark ages.

Since the beginning of recorded time marriage has always been between a man and woman. With the exception of the Roman and the Greek civilizations. So was that their downfall? It is said they were ahead of their times.

So will political correctness be our downfall also?

TO Mr. Editor why was the Big H word deleted. They were just quotes and not use to attack or in vulgarity. So what is the difference between Hades and the Big H word.

Posted: Friday, June 28, 2013
Article comment by: Paula Deen

I completely agree with Mr. Weete! Let's throw this PC nonsense out the window and call it like it is. After all, I is who I is. The good Lord gave us the "free will" to speak our mind through the first amendment and darn well we should! He sent down His only son, Jesus Christ, to teach our world how to segregate nations, preach inequality among the classes, and judge lifestyles different from our own, isn't that right? What is that? Jesus didn't talk about national borders? He said the tax collector and the harlot would enter the Kingdom of Heaven if they accepted him as Savior? He handed out fish and loaves of bread to those in need (taking it even further with the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:42)?!

He sounds positively liberal!

I'm going to have to re-evaluate my stance on this whole article now...while nibbling on a stick of butter.

Political correctness. Google it. Better yet, look it up in a dictionary!

Posted: Friday, June 28, 2013
Article comment by: @ el Pica

As to whether or not we all go bac to "chains" you tell me. All the improvements in equal rights for minorities and women were primarily the results of "liberal" policy agendas from "liberal" administrations like Roosevelt. Truman Kennedy Johnson. Eisenhower although not a liberal in his time also supported liberal policies in support of emerging equal rights for that period.
As for "denying" school children christianity I don't want any government employee or official teaching my children what Christianity is. That is a family matter between my family and our church, not yours, not Weete's not anyone else. And when my kids are adults they can make their own decisions.
As to homosexuality, it exists. Has forever. As to whether it is right or wrong that is between them and god. I'm not god. It isnt my place to judge. It's gods. I may not personally agree with it but they are gods children too. Who am I to question god for creating them that way. If I do judge them publicly, causing them harm, what do I say to god when he asks me why I cast that stone against one of his children.
If you want to throw those stones so be it. But some of us feel strongly enough that to remain silent is not acceptable. To remain silent is to accept the hate being sewn.

Posted: Friday, June 28, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@ Do you feel it. Mr. Weete has never called to arms anyone nor does he say to hate or hurt those that are different. What he brings to light is the lack of morals, and the lack of love for god and Country.

So in my mind, anyone that has good morals and has love for his God, and Country would never hurt those that are different. Maybe if we were back in the dark ages. I would grant you that, but we're not.

As for me. I try to echo Mr. Weete's message but in a different way. Yes I know that the road to (deleted)is paved with good intentions.

At this point in our lives are we not at (deleted)door steps. Just waiting to ring the doorbell. Just look at today's society it's all going to (deleted)in a handbasket. Pardon the pun.

Site Administrator's note: A portion of this comment has been removed because it violated our Terms of use Agreement.

Posted: Friday, June 28, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@ The pica buyas dude. So Does everything have to be to like. Back in chains. To the back of the bus. You can't be here because women do not belong in the work force and all women should be barefoot and pregnant, and in the kitchen. So who saying anything about that.

Yet you want to deny christianity to the youth of America in schools, but at the same time you want to shove homosexuality down their throats in the public education system.

Talking about hate, and exclusion it appears that it is you that hates anyone that is not at your level or below it. So anybody that is above you in a monetary way you count as the other ones.

But again you preach fairness with one side of your mouth, and with the other side it's hate against those that are different from you in a monetary way.

In short when you have no defense you practice misdirection, and fear with a dash of hate.

Posted: Friday, June 28, 2013
Article comment by: Do you Feel it

El pica and mr Weete, do you feel the anger welling up inside. Do you feel the despair, frustration, and hatred. That's Satan, twisting the best part of you into the worst. When your hurt, angry, frustrated, and disappointed he will find someone or something for you to blame, someone to hate. Liberals in this case. It makes life easier, explainable, and provides a release for the worst in us. It can go too far though if you can focus all that is bad onto another person or group. Life isn't simple. If it were at what point do you force liberals to wear a mark, live in restricted communities, label their stores, segregate their children/schools, burn their books, outlaw their gatherings, take away their government representation, jail them for their beliefs, or ultimately start eliminating them wholesale. I know neither of you would ever believe in such acts but when continued virulent smear attacks in the press by respected members of a community envoking a lack of god or Satan as the source of liberal motivations, you run the great risk that young or impressionable readers will respond violently upon liberals, minorities, or someone they deem as non christian. Although you never go that far in you writings, they do stop just short of it. Close enough for someone else to be moved enough to take matters into their own hands. We have had great liberals in this country do great things despite tremendous human flaws. The same can be said of conservatives. But if you can't accept that any good can come from another side of the political spectrum, then I guess Satan wins and we are doomed.

Posted: Friday, June 28, 2013
Article comment by: @It's unfortunate

What a (typical) pompous liberal mass of crud. And YOU charge narrow-mindedness. What a joke. You and yours are so egotistical that YOU are the narrow-minded. You accept no restrictions. Your world is all about ME. Whatever it is, just do it, and screw anybody else. Of course, then, you deny God's commandments because you don't want to be restricted is your sex exploits, your lying, your coveting, etc. Whatever floats your boat. You don't want to realize YOU have free choice, and whatever happens, good or bad, in your life, you don't want to have "guilt" feelings of responsibilities, so your "open-mindedness" allows you to blame (and boy do you blame) anybody or anything bad on others. Making real choices necessities a commitment to your fellow humans, and you pretend to care, but you make it sound like you do, but you are fakes. To make a real decision that is worthy, you have to think and reason, but that is too much restriction on your "open-mindedness". Whether you like it or not, the REAL "open-minded" people will pray for you, because that is our thing, and boy, do you need it.

Posted: Thursday, June 27, 2013
Article comment by: @ el pica Buyas

Sow are you saying we should go back to the way it was in the 80s 70s 60s or 50s when if you were a minority or a woman you weren't equal. You voice was silenced by the power structure, your labor although equivalent to whites or men was valued less simply because you were a woman or of color. And god help you if you we're gay and found out chances are you'd be beaten, run out of town or viciously killed by the bullies in the social power. That equality still isn't there socially but it's far better now.
If your wondering who has really taken your freedom look at corporate America. They've hijacked the political Sorry for all the questions.  One last one.  Is there a way to see if pole is fine  and co op technician is wrong about condition of pole?process with in regulated political action committees spending billions twisting the truth and manipulating voters and politicians. The middle class is taxed to the max but if your wealthy there are loopholes galore to hide your money. Since 2008 93% of the wealth created in this country went to the top 1% wealthiest individuals in this country. Add to that the fact that that 1% pays apx 15% in taxes and when given the opportunity to create jobs creates them oversees to take advantage of cheap/slave/indentured labor in corrupt countries ..... Where is the morals there or the ethics or the patriotism. Where is the Christian behavior in that That is true income redistribution, not the extrememly flawed tax structure we have now This is a great country. Every 4 years we can make a change. It will be great when citizens take back their country from corporate industrial America. Eisenhower warned us, we forgot.

Posted: Thursday, June 27, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@ It's Unfortunate looks like the kennel is calling the pot black. Is the definition of democracy mean, taking the rights of many for the rights of a few. So is the majority rule a thing of the past.

You sound as all of the religions are on the warpath. At this date in time only one religion is doing that. But like the White House does out of political correctness they will not name anything or anyone.

So if anything this Administration is the one, yes one that is sprouting hate against all that is morally good. Leave it to this president to butt heads with an African Leader of the Muslim Persuasion over gay rights. When you have 1000's of Christians being murder every year. Maybe if they were gay Christians he would interfere on their behalf.

Posted: Thursday, June 27, 2013
Article comment by: It's Unfortunate

Its unfortunate when disillusioned souls who no longer are the majority can't accept that their country is a democracy that is not constrained by their narrow minded perception of how things should be, how things are, and how things were. As a result, these individuals turn to smear campaigns agianst their own country and their fellow citizens. They incite anger and promote an us versus them attitude. Then they bring god and Satan into the discussion and lower themselves to the very same arguments religious fanatics use around the world to justify their own evil acts. And I fear, are these fellow citizens of ours or their followers about to cross that line and turn these hateful destructive unfounded simplistic commentaries into evil actions justified somehow because someone somewhere said Satan needed to be defeated or god required it. Words have power.

Posted: Thursday, June 27, 2013
Article comment by: Peace Be Still

To @pace be still. You make a good point regarding the free will dance. I am 58 years old and will be 59 next month. I do not see where I subscribe to political correctness....political correctness means........can be an insult, joke,or the name of an effort to change a society by means of wide ranging but often small-scale reform. Explain to us what you mean by your statement..... and what you understand my feedback says to you. Please

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