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11/6/2013 7:41:00 AM
COLUMN: Are you a fence-sitter?
Bob Weete
Bob Weete
Bob Weete

So many people - yes, they are people close to my age - can be heard saying, "What happened to the good old days? We didn't have to lock our doors and windows when we went shopping, we could even leave the keys in our car while we went shopping.

And we could show our love of country by singing the National Anthem, and pledging allegiance every morning in school and at other ceremonies. Remember singing Christmas carols? Easter, Halloween, and all the things that were so close to our hearts?

So many of these "American" things are now considered bad and some people have decided to become "offended" by such freedoms of expression of love to country, and of thanksgiving for the blessings we all used to enjoy.

All of the "rights" that our forefathers fought so hard for, and so many of our citizens have fought and given their lives to protect for future citizens of this blessed country are being shut down because they "offend" someone. So, the position has been taken that it is perfectly legitimate for us to be offended by those rights now being denied us, because the "minority" of Americans have been urged to be "offended" by the American Culture that has bonded American citizens together all these years.

Now, I believe that all this "politically correct" crud is deliberately planned as one of the ways to help negate the American Culture that has served us so well in growing a nation that has been the shining light to millions of the down-trodden citizens of the entire world. Take away our spirit, wash away the rock beneath our feet, and America is weakened and made vulnerable. Sound ridiculous? I am sure some will agree.

However, with all the methods of communication these days, "even in America" the plunderers and marauders can work their way into our infrastructure, into the White House, the Congress, our exceptional courts of Justice. All the while, many of us continue our lives, totally unaware of the encroaching upon all the principles that brought us to the pinnacle of freedom and justice and equality in the entire world.

In our colonial world, even without television, the vast media connections that we possess today, the country's people were kept pretty well up to date with the problems with the threat from England to scotch the snake of Americanism. They knew the seriousness of the threats, the rights they would no longer have, and all the negative way of life that had been thrust upon them in their former countries.

With all the media technologies we have available to us today, the evil monster called "love of money" is ultimately taking away, one by one, our national heritage, our solid rock base. Many media, lured by money and power, do not practice any kind of journalistic honor, and they quickly take the side that appears to promise them the most - at the price of losing their integrity.

This all having been said, the question is: "Exactly what are YOU doing to save our country?" I know. "You," as one being, may not be able to do much, but collectively, just as with the colonists, we can win, again, over what is quickly becoming tyranny. Sounds serious? That is because it is serious.

We have been told that the poor will always be with us. I believe that. I also believe that American culture has been guided by the belief in personal responsibility, that we must all give life the very best we can give. It won't make us "equal" in material possessions to everybody else. I don't see that as being "equal", anyway.

We are born equal in America in the sense that once that birth has taken place, the individual, by his/her own gifts and determination will not be automatically destined to be "poor". It is clearly in our hands and our personal character will help determine our relative "success" in this world.

We just cannot, as much our current leaders seem to be saying, place our reliance on man and its government, run by man. We are meant to be self-determiners. Self-determiners, that is, within the plans that have been made for us. Yes, I do mean "God's" plan for us.

Oops. I really lost some of you there, didn't I? Too bad. Because I truly believe that a large portion of the many negative things that have been happening - and this started many years before President Obama and his gangs took over - are a direct result of our putting entirely too much confidence in mankind. History has shown us this, time and time again, and we ignore it.

And I may say this about some of the so-called "history" of our world - that is another area that has been used to distract us from the blessed lives we have been given. And we, too, have been boondoggled, and we have to find a way that we can avoid the untruths being perpetrated upon us, willy-nilly, and arm ourselves with real truth.

Let's continue this discussion next week.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Saturday, November 9, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@....@El Pica, cont. I know what Mr. Weete was saying. But I had a little difference on that subject. It is you that does not understand what I'm saying. All of those people you have mention? when were they born? In High school I heard a lot of Helen Keller jokes too. That should tell you how long ago that was.

If you want an equal playing field then lets say we are all poor then we could play the Lord of the Flies, to see who reaches the top of Bandini hill first. I'm not say you can't succeed, I'm just saying that now it's harder than 50 years ago.

Now high school kids have to compete for fast food jobs with college graduates, and those graduates have to dumb down their resumes just to get a minimum wage job. I'm just saying that things are not like before. The economy is bad, wages are going down, too many people not enough jobs,

Then you will have to factor in the illegals that are here. Not to mention the new immigration bill they want to pass. You say that illegals do not take jobs away from Americans. Right? Wrong.

If what you say is right, then why is Blythe's unemployment higher than compared to Riverside County. I know that we have people that want to work, So don't say that they should be praying for employment, or that they are too lazy to find a work here. If what you say is so true then why is everybody not working in town?

Posted: Saturday, November 9, 2013
Article comment by: @El Pica, cont.

I grew up with the saying, "What I am is God's gift to me what I make of myself (with help from God) is my gift to God." You see, then, we, then, give thanks for our lives, with or without silver spoons, and then work to show Him he is loved and appreciated. Check it out. There are MANY examples of people, born in "poor" surroundings who have stuck it out and risen to be productive members of society. There are MANY examples, too, of that silver spoon stuff working just the opposite, and they fall - big time. Getting through that "eye of the needle" is a tight squeeze. Yes, there are the examples of babies born blind (Helen Keller comes to mind ) yet their determination NOT to become a burden guide them to be productive. Many are born with Down Syndrome, and they, with education, "succeed". I have heard of a man born with no legs, who is a fantastic motivational speaker in schools. It is the spirit of the individual that really determines the "success", which has many interpretations. And just getting "rich" is much over-rated, when it is so much better to give back to life than to merely be a "taker". And that, El Pica, is what I think Weete was attempting to say.

Posted: Saturday, November 9, 2013
Article comment by: @El Pica

No, pica, we're not even close, but we'll try again.
You are, like so many people, of the "victim" thinking. If you are born poor, if you are a bastard, if your pa was a druggie, you seem to believe to hang on to that as a "reason" for more poverty, etc. It somehow "causes" a person to be forever victimized. No. As was said, at birth, we are born with equal starting stuff. We have 10 fingers and 10 toes, two eyes, etc. Yes, different colored eyes, some with longer fingers, some with black hair, or blond, or red, and, of course, "differences" in skin color. But even then, the multitude of shades if skin goes to make us "different", and we are "individuals", but with the same mechanics, the way God made us. We came from many places in the world that did, indeed, say that the circumstances of our birth determined our future, as a silver spoon in our mouths, or "poor" parents, serfs. That is why America came to BE, for goodness' sake. In America, if a person CHOOSES to WORK his/her way through dedication, through education, and all the freedoms that still are available to rise and get out of the slums, etc. If, by choice, a person decides to take the "bait" the government dangles out there, they can languish with a life of "leisure" collecting cans, etc. for a living, which, to me, is harder work than can be had through diligence through education. .........

Posted: Friday, November 8, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@....@ Pica. Are on the same page here? Being born equal. We are talking about success in life. as to how one would interpret it, or better yet what is your interpretation of success? So where does satan or morals come into play here.

So, everyone say's we are born equal? OK, we come from the womb, naked and crying, that more or less I can agree.

Ok, you want the devil, then I will play the devils advocate. So before we come into this world we are in mama's tummy. So what if mama is poor and without anyone to help her. No one to take her to the Dr's visits, also she does not eat well. Your father was a junkie, that died of an overdose. That in itself puts you at a disadvantage even before you are born. Even right now as I'm writing this how many babies do you think are born under these circumstances?

After this is all said and done. Next comes growing up? Do you want an example of being raise by rich parents, or do you want one from very poor parents? Then how about from a middle class family? All in all that all is equal then tell that to the kids born in a 3rd world country.

You will say that we are not in a 3rd world country. Yes we are not. Try explaining that to a kid from a very poor family seeing a rich kid, being given everything on a sliver platter.

Believe it or not times are not the same as in the 1900's.

Posted: Friday, November 8, 2013
Article comment by: @ Pica

"Times" change, but people don't really change we are born the same way, with all the same body, even though of different sizes, shapes, and colors, but people do not change with the times. What happens that people change their attitudes, as accomplished by Satan and his cohorts. It is still a matter of the individual and collective "choices" as to whether to chose to do the right thing, or not, to be strong of character, or not, etc.

Posted: Friday, November 8, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@....@El Pico, et. al. You missed my point. I said 50 years ago that statement would have been correct. Then I noted why I thought he was incorrect. Times have changed that is why.

Posted: Friday, November 8, 2013
Article comment by: @El Pico, et. al.

Missed Weete's whole point, I think. He said we are "born equal", which has nothing to do with the environment we are born into. We ALL start equal in that we are born into "life" - naked and free. Even if born into poverty - OR with that silver spoon you mention. We are equal. All the opportunities are there. A prime current example of someone born into poverty but didn't let that bother him is Dr. Carson, whom you may have heard of. Many others like him. They CHOSE to not be a "victim", and worked their way out. Ted Kennedy had a couple of silver spoons in his mouth when he was born, but he ended up killing Mary Jo Kopeckne. We all have free will, given by God, to do as we please, even though he gives us all the 10 Commandments for our decision-making process. Some of us use those Commandments wisely, and some of us choose not to. We are "victims" only in that we "make our own bed and then have to lie in them", as my mother used to tell me.

Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2013
Article comment by: class of 89

We thought it would be great to let outsiders call USA their home, and now we reap what we sewed.

Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@... @ Mr. Buyas. Yes you are right about that. I don't have to worry about that, since I have always been a Smart Donkey. ( Can't say the A word )

@....Court Jester. I do read books, and a lot of other things too. Why do you think I alway have 2 cents to put in. A man of many abilities but a master of none.

Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

@...Court Jester. By my accomplishments, and the people around me. Also going to work everyday. I had a good job, but's that in the pass. I still have a loving family even if it's dysfunctional as hell, that it would make the Adams Family look normal, but it's still a family.

To each his own dream of success? A house with a white picket fence. or the biggest toy's, a good job, Money? So what is it for you.

Me I never had big dreams, since I had to drop out of school to help the family. It was just hoping for a steady job, that gave me what I needed, and sometimes what i wanted. Simple person with a simple mind. haha thats me.

Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2013
Article comment by: @ Mr. Buyas

Not everyone is born equal. Some are born with a chip on their shoulder and some aren't.

Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2013
Article comment by: Court Jester

@ EL Pico

How do you determine success?
Healthy family or riches?
Is it a loving home or the biggest truck on the block?
Grand-kids, fresh air and little traffic or do you have to have the latest phone?

Try reading a book Mr. Pico, you might enjoy it.

Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2013
Article comment by: EL PICA BUYAS

That part of "We were born equal" I will respectfully disagree with that. About 50 years ago that statement would have been right on the mark. Today it is not that easy as you might think.

First off we have too many regulations on the book, that help big business, it keeps the little ones down from starting, unemployment is rampant you need seed money without a job no money. Banks are not lending. So unfortunately the only businesses going up is the drug trade, and crime. We are not not born equal, Some are born with a Silver Spoon, and others are born into the vicious cycle of the Welfare Life there they find themselves as their parents, and grandparents So they see no end.

So in the end it comes down to Education. That education depends a lot on the Family structure at home, but even then you still have a lot of college grads still living at home with mom and dad. Am I saying to give up? No, it's just not that easy anymore. So what are the odds one in 10,000 or one in 50,000 that he will become rich? I know you said succeed not rich, but in todays words succeed is rich.

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