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1/31/2013 5:00:00 PM
CamRocky getting ready to take you on 'The Journey'

Jaclyn Randall
Associate Editor

BLYTHE - "If you could see what I see everyday, how would you change it? If you could go through what I been through, you would feel anger. When your skin color makes your application look stranger..."

These are the some words that local Cameron "Cocky CamRocky" Robinson shares on his single "Bottom" that is showcased on his upcoming first solo album, "The Journey."

"The Journey" takes listeners through the trials and tribulations that Robinson has grown accustomed to, but something he is trying to leave behind.

Graduating from Palo Verde High School in 2004, Robinson was ready to go to college and play basketball on a scholarship - and he had full intentions on playing basketball at the college level - but Robinson decided to set basketball and college aside and stay in Blythe to help out his mother, turning into a family man over night.

Robinson says that it is his maturity that listeners will be able to hear on this album, something that came about for him faster than many men due in part to him not having a father in his life, which caused him to grow up and be the man of the house at an early age.

Born and raised in Blythe, Robinson is the oldest of five kids. He was groomed to believe that basketball was a one-way ticket out of Blythe - at least that is what many people in his life told him. But Robinson's real passion had been brewing for a couple of years before graduation and that passion was music. Robinson feels he always had music as his fallback.

For the past 10 years, he performed as a one-third member of Black M.O.B., a hip-hop group that he and his brothers, Terrence "Young Money" and Derek "D-Boi" Robinson, formed. The group has performed locally at Patty's Bar and Grill and Sunlite Bowling Center but their big performance came when they shared the stage with Snoop Dogg and Ray J in 2011 during the "Young & Hungover" Tour in Hollywood.

The performance with the stars gave Robinson the fuel and ammunition he needed to pursue his music skills to another level. He teamed up with Ryan "Mr. Blythe" Reyes three months ago, and began working on his album. He spends five to six hours a night after work trying to perfect his skill and relieve some stress.

His hard work will be showcased with the release of "The Journey", which is a 12-track compilation of new songs and re-mastered old songs. According to Robinson, the album's concept is about the road from the poverty side of life to the mainstream.

He also wishes to create a larger fan base, beginning locally, by sharing his personal experiences in life and showing a different side of him beyond sports. Robinson credits hip-hop/rap artists Nipsy Hustle, The Game, and Kendrick Lamar for the inspiration behind his music, saying that he relates to the struggle that they went through to get to the places they're currently at in their careers. He also admires how they represent the art of their music.

The working father of five says he owes so much to those in his life who have helped him along the way, whether it was professionally through the music or personally in his life. Robinson offered thanks Reyes, his co-workers, family, Kyle George, and Ryan Hiser for "hooking up the Hollywood show." He also thanked his mother, Leticia Robinson, for her unconditional love and support through all the ups and downs through the years.

"The Journey" will be available in February and can be found at several retail locations in Blythe and from Robinson directly for just $5. The low cost is aimed at trying to get his music out and make it affordable for everyone.

In the meantime, Robinson's music (old and new) and videos can be found on Facebook at or on YouTube under CamBlackMob.

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Reader Comments

Posted: Wednesday, May 1, 2013
Article comment by: str8 clownin

Dang look at that barracuda grill

Posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Article comment by: V Lara

I encourage people to listen to the lyrics in this man's songs and make your own informed opinions. He talks about drugs and he refers to women in a negative way. (deleted) UNBELIEVABLE!

People attempt to play the race card all the time and it's so antiquated now. People from this generation have no idea what real racism is. All of that is over now and I think most people are getting tired of the 'whoa is me' attitude. I know I am.

Site Administrator's note: A portion of this comment has been removed because it violated our Terms of use Agreement.

Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Article comment by: Ryan Hiser

Cocky CamRocky!
Me and him clicked up around 2011. Maybe January to be exact.
I just did a show in Hollywood, (The Key Club to be exact) with Power 106, which is the biggest radio station in the LA area.
The man was so hungary, he just wanted a shot, its Like the player that was over looked you know, you give him that chance and they do what everyone thought they couldn't.
2 years straight, staying up till the sun comes up recording, writing, planning our next moves.
All this while working a 9 to 5 and having 5 kids running around?
I call that dedicated!
We've performed in some of the biggest venues, with some of the biggest names, past and present.
And for you to sit here and criticize something/someone you know nothing about is foul.
I put a lot of work into this album.
I pretty much kill myself in that studio everynight, and for what? So lame haters that can't even put there name up to complain about the cover, which I gotta say is pretty freaking insaine!
All hand drew, one of a kind. Just like the music we encourage the community/world to give a chance.
I've been blessed with a great 6 year career.
I don't do this for publicity, exposure, e.t.c.
I do this for the love of Hip Hop
I do this becuz if I don't, those kids in my city won't have someone to look up to.
This is our way out! Once one makes it, the whole city made It.
But maybe your just too closed minded to comprehend the bigger picture.
Look around Blythe, we don't have NOTHING!
This is the pride of Blythe, CA in its truest form!
Pay homage or get out of the way!
It's BLACK MOB till the Casket Drops!

Posted: Friday, February 15, 2013
Article comment by: V Lara

@ @call it like I see it..."When I look at the album cover, to the left I see the White Corporate World, with their nose up in the air. That's why he stated, "When your skin color makes your application look stranger..." To the right I see the street life. I'm sure you know what that means."

V kelly made this statement and he attempted to retract it by stating that he never said there weren't black corporate leaders. I am positive that were this a white person with this type of cover and the roles were reversed, things would not go well and people would not be supportive. The reason I mentioned the president is because this rapper claims to have had a difficult life (which is fine, we all have) but he makes it seem like the reason he had a difficult life is because of "white" people. He obviously made the right decisions but not everyone does and when something bad happens, people do not take personal responsibility. It's a problem in this country when people claim they can't find a job or get an education because of their skin color or their status but they are willing to mooch off of the government as long as they can.

Posted: Friday, February 15, 2013
Article comment by: Call it for what it is Looks can be deceiving

Seems to me that maybe that album cover may be some kind of interpretation of his struggle. I guess I'd have to hear the lyrics to really help me understand that. Regardless of whether I like the music or not, maybe this guy's intention is to express himself through this music and better his life in the process? And maybe this article is meant to inspire others who may be going through the same struggle. Nothing wrong with that as long as no one is getting hurt in the process, right? It's called art, creativity, expression... music.

By the way.. anyone who "calls it like they see it" is usually the one who judges a book by its cover. I guess that's why they are so quick to judge this album by its cover.

Posted: Thursday, February 14, 2013
Article comment by: V. Kelly

@Call It Like I See it. If you call it like you see it, then it's okay to see things in a different manner than another. You look at something and you see it your way. I look at something and I see it my way. What's wrong with that? So you consider my statement to be an ignorant and borderline racist statement. That's just your opinion. If that's the way you feel, then that's your feelings and so be it. I know people have a difference of opinion and we view things differently, so your remarks don't offend me in any way. Because that's just your opinion. Peace to you.

Posted: Thursday, February 14, 2013
Article comment by: @Call it like I see it.

Wow look at you calling names and yes you are labeling. Maybe you have some underline issues you need to deal with. Maybe people think that your statment is ignorant and racist. In this world people can have opinions without having to explain. I'm sure you understand that! Like V. Kelly said, "Let it go and Move on." @ V. Lara. V. Kelly didn't retract on anything that he or she said and what does our President have to do with any of these comments. So now I'm saying Let it go and move on. You people have issues!!!!!

Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Article comment by: Call it like I see it

"Why don't you just call Cameron, I'm sure he can explain the picture to you."

I don't need to call Cameron, because he wasn't the one making pointed statements about the picture. You did.

"But what I will explain to you is that I am from a Black/Caucasian family. I Love myself and my family, so don't try to label me or what I say, because you don't know me."

Where you come from, whether I know you or not and/or your skin color does absolutely nothing to explain why you made what I consider to be an ignorant and borderline racist statement. Call it a label if you want, but it simply accountability. Words mean things. You seem to be telling me to 'move on' because you don't want to face owning up to what you truly said.

Whatever. I say no more. It is solely your problem, not mine. Peace.

Posted: Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Article comment by: V Lara

@V. Kelly, it sounds to me like you're the one that attempted to do the labeling then tried to retract your statement. It's artists like this who keep racism alive in our country. I don't understand the whole "skin color" scheme when we have a black/caucasian president.

Posted: Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Article comment by: V. Kelly

It's a divided picture and if you're a rapper you can say what you want to say. That would be your words and your song. @ Call it like I see it. Why don't you just call Cameron, I'm sure he can explain the picture to you. But what I will explain to you is that I am from a Black/Caucasian family. I Love myself and my family, so don't try to label me or what I say, because you don't know me. Like I said, "some people take things to a whole different level instead of just staying on the subject at hand." Let it go and move on.

Posted: Monday, February 11, 2013
Article comment by: Call it like I see it

"To call me racist is a joke that's not even funny."

It's only a joke to you because obviously you don't take your implied racist statement seriously. Others might, and It doesn't make it any less racist to someone else. Just saying.

Your own personal interpretation of the cover's meaning offers very little insight. I suppose I too am still trying to figure out where you got 'White Corporate America' from, and how the whole gun-finger pointing gesture from the cartoon depiction of black people pointed at the cartoon depiction of caucasians gets a pass from you.

Your help in explaining this phenomena to us would be greatly appreciated.

Posted: Monday, February 11, 2013
Article comment by: @ V. Kelly

so can i point a gun at "black corperate america" when i become a rapper? and say that its my skin color why i didn't get a job from a company who had a black owner/ceo? just seeing how "equal" things really are.

Posted: Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Article comment by: just saying

Site Administrator's note: A portion of this comment has been removed because it violated our Terms of use Agreement. Personal attacks are not tolerated, and are a direct violation of these Terms of Use.

Posted: Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Article comment by: V. Kelly

I never said that there weren't Black Corporate World Leaders, my comment was based only on Cameron's album picture and nothing else. Some people take things to a whole different level instead of just staying on the subject at hand. To call me racist is a joke that's not even funny.

Posted: Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Article comment by: @ V. kelly

why does it have to be the "white corperate world"? its amazing what a quick google search will find is a list of several corperate world leaders who are african american:

Kenneth Chaunault - CEO American Express
Errol B.Davis Jr. - CEO Allian Energy
Reginald E. Davis - CEO Wachovia
Ann Fudge - CEO Young & Rubicam
Bill Easter III - CEO Duke Engergy
Aruther Harper - CEO GE Equipment Services
Carl Horton - CEO The Absolut Spirit Company
Alwyn Lewis - CEO Sears Corperation
Renetta McCann - CEO Starcom Americas
Clarence Otis - CEO Darden Restaurants
E. Stanley O'Neil - CEO Merril Lynch
Richard Parsons - CEO Time Warner
Franklin Raines - CEO Fannie Mae
Pamala Thomas-Graham - CEO CNBC/NBC

This only gets through about 4 pages of the 24 and i have also left some off that i didn't know who the company was. here is the criteria to be on this list: Each executive holds a senior management position at a publicly traded company or international corporation with gross revenues of at least $1 billion.

to call it "white corperate america" is not only racist in the simplist form but also completely inacurate. The album cover is racist as are the lyrics, i am a white male, if i were to use those same lyrics but switch the races i would have never graced the cover of the palo verde times and would probably be shunned because i would be considered racist. what ever happened to "equality"? you can't demand it and then only use it when it works to your advantage!

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